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  • 5th Anniversary  Promotion
    5th Anniversary Promotion
    • Time: Now-> 31 Dec 2017
    • Room type: Deluxe City View
    • Rate from: VND 850.000/1 room/ 1 night
  • 5th Anniversary  Promotion
    5th Anniversary Promotion
    • Time: Now-> 31 Dec 2017
    • Room type: Dong Ha Deluxe
    • Rate from: VND 750.000/1 room/ 1 night
  • 5th Anniversary  Promotion
    5th Anniversary Promotion
    • Time: Now-> 31 Dec 2017
    • Room type: Deluxe River View
    • Rate from: VND 1.050.000/1 room/ 1 night


TIME: 8 days 7 nights 
VEHICLE: Thai Airways & Egypt Airlines
FROM: Ho Chi Minh City
TO: Egypt
14/10/2017 STSTOB-2017-02489 47.990.000 36.742.000 14.697.000
- Overwhelmed by the great architectural works, in time to come to the cradle of civilization humanity contains many mysterious things when to the country of the Pyramid.
- Discover the city of Cairo - the city of the thousand towers, Luxor is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Egypt, such as an outdoor museum with monuments and ancient architecture.
- Experience the legendary Nile River Cruise - "Those who have not been to Egypt yet do not know the world. Where dust is made of gold. The Nile here is a wonder. Where women are like angels"…
Tour schedule:
Self-centered at 2nd floor - Tan Son Nhat International Airport, with Saigontourist guide procedures procedures for flight TG557 (20: 50-22: 15) to Bangkok. Arrive at Bangkok Airport, Flight MS961 (00: 55-05: 05) flew to Cairo, Egypt's cultural, economic and political center. Overnight on the plane.
DAY 2: CAIRO (Lunch, dinner)
The plane landed at 5g05 (local time). Delegation procedures for entry and receipt of luggage. Departure to the Giza Tombs, located on the Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo, admire the three pyramids of the three Pharaohs: Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure - the only ancient world wonder still alive. The Sphinx is carved in the form of a mysterious creature with a lion's body and head in a crouching posture as guard and guard of the tomb. Visiting the Egyptian Museum, which houses many relics of the Pharaohs. Visit Papyrus, learn about Papyrus papyrus - one of the great inventions of ancient Egypt. Shop at the perfume shop. Get 4-star hotel and stay overnight in Cairo.

DAY 3: CAIRO - ASWAN - RESTAURANT ON NILE RIVER (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Check. You take the expected flight MS417 (08:15 - 09:40) flight from Cairo fly to Aswan, the southernmost province of Egypt. Depart for the High Dam, a modern twentieth century architectural building built on the Nile for the purpose of preventing floods, generating electricity and providing irrigation for agriculture. Continue to visit Unfinished Obelisk Monument made of a block of granite is still in the process of construction is abandoned abandoned. Estimated rock mass is 42 meters long and weighs 1168 tons. Transfer to the Nile cruise terminal for luggage and lunch on the boat. The yacht departs towards Kom Ombo. Visiting the Kom Ombo Temple on the hill, embossing the shadow of the legendary Nile River. Kom Ombo consists of two small temples and everything is doubled: two entrances, two columns, two main halls, two shrines. The yacht continues its journey to Edfu. Overnight on the yacht.

Yachts dock Edfu. You ashore, experience horse ride enjoy the scenic side of the road to the Edfu Temple splendor. The temple was built for the worship of the Horus Falcon - best known for his role as a protector of Egyptian rulers. The group returns to the yacht, the yachts leave the Edfu wharf and travels to Esna and Luxor. Overnight on the yacht.
The yacht heading for Luxor - where the mystery of ancient Egyptian splendor is kept. You visit the Valley of the Kings built on the ruins of Thebes - the ancient capital of Egypt - the resting place of the great Pharaohs of the New Kingdom (1550 - 1070 BC) such as Tutankhamun, Seti I and Ramses II, and the queens, high priests and officials of power. Visiting the Hatshepsut shrine honors the queen, also the Pharaoh - ruler of Egypt, between 1479 - 1458 BC. Admire the Colossi of Memnon - two giant statues depicting Pharaoh Amenhotep III on the throne with the task of guarding the entrance of the temple where Amenhotep buried. The temple now has no vestiges. Free shopping at Alabaster. Take a romantic felucca ride, admire the Agha Khan Tomb and watch Lord Kitchener Island. Overnight on the yacht.
DAY 6: LUXOR (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Yachts dock. Leave the yacht and transfer to the hotel for baggage handling procedures. Departure to visit the Karnak Temple population impressed by the scale of the majestic sanctuary covering an area of 100 hectares. Most prominent is the temple of the sun god Amun-Ree built under the reign of King Ramesses II. Continue to visit the Luxor temple built under the Pharaoh Amenhotep III to worship the three gods Amun, Mut and Chons, and also hosts the Opet Festival - the most important festival of Thebes. Overnight in Luxor.
DAY 7: LUXOR - CAIRO (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Check. Delegation to airport for scheduled domestic flight scheduled MS362 (12: 25-13: 35) from Luxor to Cairo. To Cairo, you are immersed in the life of the locals as they walk the ancient Khan-El-Khalili market since 1382. The bazaar has hundreds of shops, craft workshops, spice counters and spices, Car for the airport pick up flight MS960 (22: 45-12: 35) to Bangkok, Thailand.

The plane landed in Bangkok, TG556 (18: 15-19:45) flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Arrive at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, finish the mystical Egyptian exploration program.