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  • Application Report of the 2016 Operational Programs
  • Presenting the course of action for 2017-2020
  •  Agribank awarded nearly VND 10 billion for social security Quang Tri Province on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of martyrs and martyrs day 27/07/1947- 27/07/2017
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We have: Modern equipment, with 4 meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of 800 guests ️ Careful preparation and professionalism Sound, modern stage lighting This is the ideal place to hold conferences and seminars of national and international nature. All are available at Saigon Dong Ha Hotel - The convergence of DIFFERENCE !

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+ WEDDING: With a theme of elegance or simplicity. We know you all want one thing - Happiness! At Saigon - Dong Ha Hotel, we understand what the meaning of a successful event is. And, with the number of wedding events we hold daily month, we grasp what is needed to Make a perfect wedding feast. At the Grand Ballroom hall, full of all the latest equipment from LED screen, sound, light ... with the professional team to create a perfect party.

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+ Conferences: Saigon Dong Ha Hotel is considered to be the ideal venue for international conferences and gatherings, cultural events, entertainment and luxurious banquets. Saigon Dong Ha total has 5 meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of 800 people. 

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